Property in India

There are many opportunities to buy property in India for the foreign and native investor. India is adorned by many historic sites and monuments, amazing beaches and a vast country landscape. India is one of the worlds fastest growing economies making it an attractive country to invest in the real estate market. The popularity of the real estate market in India has made it a globally recognised sector of excellence. New developments in retail, hospitality, hospitals andschools in India have attracted investment in the real estate market. With the corresponding increase in population in India towards urban areas the need for residential real estate is great as job opportunities in the service sector drives the real estate market within India.

There are numerous property websites with information about such things as kiln girth gear alignment and the citizenship by investment program  that one can access online to view properties for sale or for rent that connect buyers and sellers quite easily. To buy a property abroad is an emotive experience. Investors are currently encouraged by Indias financial strength. Foreign investors are returning to India after the financial crisis. This is documented in the media. A more cautious approach is however favoured. There are quite a few global property consultancies based in India with expertise and insight to guide one as an investor to make an informed decision understanding ones needs and "commitment to long term success".

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For the Indian real estate market one has to be eligible as a foreigner to own a property in India. The eligibility criteria follows strict adherence to laws set out. Once deemed to be eligible to purchase property the process is fairly straight forward. Once an offer is agreed an legal executive will draw up an agreement of sale. The buyer then pays a deposit and the legal work carries on. There is the option to apply for a mortgage to fund the purchase of a property for residents in India (NRI).

There are many popular locations in India for real estate investment. It is recommended to purchase near metro cities which offer a good return over several years. Locations with improved connectivity combined with a industrial hub is attracting investors.Low cost home development is popular and needed. Indias global presence is quite impressive influencing investors to consider the housing market in India as a lucrative investment option.

Growth in the property market in Dehli especially housing developments catering for the mid income groups are inspiring. With greater economic activity, the growth of key industries a sector of the population want to own their own homes.Developers are keen to sell the properties that are available and can offer a good payment plan but one has to understand the terms and conditions very well. It is important to communicate with the development company who will go over the plans that are available to the potential buyer.